Tara Alberico

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I have been a veterinarian technician here since September 2010. I gained my technician experience here under Dr. Ma’s wing. I am always eager to learn more and do so every day here with new and exciting cases. My job is something I’m proud to say I truly love.
When I’m not working you may find me out and about with my boyfriend, Matt, and our dogs Walter, Trouble, Lydia, Corey and our newest rescue Sire. Matt and I share our home with not only our dogs but our three cats Abruzzi, Jaws and Milten whom I call Bobby (don’t ask lol). My life basically revolves around my dogs. They mean the world to me. I love them so very much and try to do as much with them as possible. Other than that I enjoy hiking, swimming, fostering, pet sitting, watching entirely too much TV and spending time with my family and friends.